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Deliciously Outrageous Gluten-Free Bread!

Last month I was browsing Rafflecopter to get more info on their system and on the front page – BEHOLD! – the featured contest of the day was for Gluten-Free Bread.

Last year I was stricken with complete exhaustion and PPD.  I thought it was adrenals, so I tried out Unikey’s Adrenal Formula – it worked a little bit. I had some energy back.  At least I could get out of bed!  But it just wasn’t enough.  I continued to pray to HaShem, asking him what in the world was the *source* of my exhaustion.  Something has to be causing my body to react this way.

About a month after Ann Louise Gittleman’s Adrenal Formula I noticed a Copper spot on my left hand.  Appeared out of nowhere!  “Aha!” I thought to myself.  “That is what’s wrong – Copper Overload!” I thanked G-d for answering my prayer.  I took some zinc and felt better.  Energy back!

About 2 months later (it’s October now) I was feeling it again – sheer exhaustion and headaches!  Could hardly move my body off the bed, and when it hit I had to drive home 5 hours.  Not a good combination!  I wracked my brain and remembered that I had gone Gluten-Free in Jan-March of last year to loose weight.  My problems didn’t start until after I started introducing it back into my diet.  Also, I remembered that wheat and (and therefore gluten) causes copper overload, which can cause the adrenals to become fatigued and the hormones to be unbalanced.  No wonder I was a mess!  So I took the jump into Gluten Free.

Now, if I even consume a bite or two – even small – I get a headache and need my pillow.

So you can imagine my excitement when I happened upon the Giveaway.  It was the last day of the giveaway and there were thousands of entries.  Outrageous Baking Company was giving away 5 loaves to 5 different winners.  (You can follow them on Facebook here). I didn’t think I’d win… but I did!  Woohoo!!  As a thank-you I just have to share what I think of their product.

This is what arrived – A loaf of GF Coffee Cake and a Package of GF All-purpose Flour mix.

We tried the Coffee Cake first.  Now, if you are familiar with GF breads they can be quite crumbly or not very tasty unless you toast them and keep them in the ‘fridge. This bread was moist for GF bread – slightly crumbly, but not too bad.  Taste – it tasted great!  Could almost not tell it was gluten-free!

Great job, OBC!!

Outrageous Baking Company Cinnamon Coffee Bread, Gluten Free

Of course we had to try the All-Purpose Flour.  I used it for my (altered) Gluten-Free Country White Bread from my Bread Machine Recipe Book.  This Flour mix tastes much better than Bob’s, IMO.  Bob’s still has that GF taste, while with this bread I couldn’t taste much of that cardboard-like flavor.  I still love Glutino, but this one is right up there with Glutino.  I can’t really compare the two because it is like they are on a different level – I can’t describe it.

Outrageous Baking Company All Purpose mix used in my bread machine.

I will definitely be on the lookout for Outrageous Baking Company sales and recipes in the future!
Thank you again, OBC!!